1.  Register for an iLabs account.

2.  Log into the iLabs website.

3.   Once on the University of Iowa Viral Vector Core page, click the “Request Services” tab.  The default should also have the “Place an Order” selection open.  If either of these is not open, simply click on those tabs or menus.   (If you cannot find the University of Iowa Viral Vector Core, please click the HELP button the upper right hand order and submit an IT ticket to the iLabs support team.)

4.   Click on the "Order Control Vectors by Aliquot" menu below, and initiate a request. A form should come up for you to fill out, specifying which virus, how much, and payment methods.

5.  Add your PO number or indicate if you're paying via Credit Card. Please do not input your Credit Card information, instead we will reach out to you to get this information. If you need to set up an alternate method of payment such as a wire transfer, please contact us at vectors@uiowa.edu. We cannot ship any vector without payment information. 

6.  Once you have confirmed your information, please submit your order.  Once your order is submitted it will be checked by the VVC staff, and priced. Orders made with a PO will be shipped and a remittance invoice sent to the billing address for payment.  

7.  A $25 packing and handling fee is added to all orders. Remember, FedEx dry ice shipping fees are added unless a FedEx account number is provided. International shipments can also be arranged by the investigator through World Courier, Marken, or SFS Pharma.