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Adeno-Associated Virus

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The VVC offers titering services for Ad5, AAV, and Lentivirus. Please consult with us if you need this service.  


The VVC offers design and outsources cloning services for plasmids intended for viral vector construction. Shuttles are available in adenovirus, FIV based lentivirus,  adeno-associated virus, Helper-Dependent Adenovirus and Vaccinia. Cloning can also be performed on shuttles provided by the investigator if these are compatible with the VVC virus construction packaging plasmids. Pricing is dependent on the complexity and size of the intended insert. Gene synthesis of the insert and subcloning are often contracted out as a cost and time effective method to complete the project. The constructed plasmid is sent to the investigator for expression testing prior to virus construction.  


We require full plasmid sequencing. There are many vendors who can provide this service.

Maxi Preps

High quality endotoxin free maxi preps suitable for a single prep of virus production can be outsourced to Genscript by quote. 

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