1. Register for an iLabs account.

2. Log into the iLabs website.

3. Non-University of Iowa investigators: MTA's are required for distribution of plasmids to non-University of Iowa investigators. Non-University of Iowa investigators should order plasmids through the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) form at the iLabs ordering site. MTAs can take several weeks to months to be approved by all parties and institutions involved.

4. University of Iowa investigators: Order plasmids through the University of Iowa Plasmids Request form at the iLabs ordering site.

Direct written permission for both inside and outside investigators may be required for use from the investigator that cloned the plasmid for both the plasmid use and subsequent virus order.

Material Sent: 10μl of plasmid. AAV plasmids are prone to recombination and we suggest that you read the manual and follow directions for amplification. Always digest the plasmid after any amplification step.

Helpful information for cloning and submission of AAV plasmids (iLabs login required).

How to Initiate an Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

1. Register for an iLabs Account.

2. Log into the iLabs Website

3. Select the Material Transfer Agreement bar under the Request Services Tab and click Initiate Request.

4. Fill out the MTA form, including any plasmids or viruses you will be ordering. Save the form. At the very bottom of the form, click Submit to Researcher.

5. For Plasmid MTAs:
Please note plasmid aliquots are provided free of charge granted that they are intended for later viral production projects. Plasmid requests will only be charged for shipping unless a Fed Ex account number is provided. Please provide PO# or credit card information at the time order is placed. Order will not be processed without payment information. If your institution requires a quote prior to processing the PO, contact the Viral Vector Core at (vectors@uiowa.edu) or 319-335-6726. For security purposes, please DO NOT submit credit card information in iLabs or via e-mail. Fax credit card information at 319-335-6895.

6. For Viral MTAs:
Payment and shipping information is not required at this step, it will be added to the actual virus order. Simply type N/A in the PO# box on the form before submitting.

Please note that Material Transfer Agreements may take several weeks to process, so please plan ahead.